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Opinion #3 ~ Perrie Edwards

Right.. so here goes nothing..

I think Perrie is pretty, i think she wears abit too much makeup though, before any of you start attacking me saying ‘they have to’, theres LOADS of more celebritys out there, Selena, Demi, Miley,Jessie j, Katy etc they dont wear that much makeup. NOW sometimes i FRICKING LOVE PERRIE! But then when i see a picture of her & Zayn or something obviously i get jelous becasue im a Zayn girl, i LOVE Little mix’s music, i have their album on my phone, i think Little mix are very talented, yes Perrie is GORGOUS! But sometimes i have them moments when i just cry myself to sleep because im not Perrie, because she has everything i want! because she has perfect hair, perfect skin, a perfect body! I sometimes hate her because she’s what i want to be, but i do LOVE PERRIE sometimes! :) i also respect #zerrie but i think Zayn could do better!,also i used to think she was using Zayn but, erm i cant say that anymore because i dont have proof or anything, but yeah! BYEEE!

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Opinion 2# ~ Danielle Peazer

OHMYGOD! am i actually making myself write about her? wow! DANIELLE PEAZER IS AWESOME! i think Danielle is really pretty & a great dancer, and a perfect girlfriend! i cried for days when Payzer was no longer a couple! but i was so happy when they got back together, i just knew it had to happen i just knew that they will get together again, because i can see pure love when i look at Liam & Danielle, I love her as much as i love Eleanor, i think they both are great friends! i love how they stick up for themselves! i really wish i meet Danielle! i LOVE her hair! i just love everything about her! that’s all i have to say otherwise this will turn into a essay.

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Opinion #1 ~ Eleanor Calder!

Eleanor Jane Calder! i think Eleanor is perfect! i think she is sweet & kind, i really think her & Louis will last, i hope they get married one day and have babies!!!! I wish i was her, i wish i had her hair, her smile, her legs! i LOVE her voice, i love her as much as i love Danielle, i wish i meet her one day, i really think me & El would make great friends, i think we have the same style/taste. She truly is a beautiful soul! i get really upset when people send her hate or they say horrible stuff about her i feel like grabbing a baseball bat and whacking it right in their head! but people have their own opinions, if only they could see how she really is! :) thats all i have to say about that beautiful munchkin! :)

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Now that i have your attention, im starting a new page? i dont know its going to be called 'opinions'and basially on that page i will be doing opinions on differant people! SO SEND IN REQUESTS FOR PEOPLKE YOU WANT ME TO ‘REVIEW’ THEY CAN BE FAMOUS OR YOUTUBERS OR CELEBRITYS OR EVEN YOU!

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